Rivermill Studios

VR Rides

Working again with the guys at Smaaash to help create some very cool VR rides and experiences!

3D Game Assets

Loads of more very cool asset packs are now available on the Unity Asset Store! Ready to download, the Clothing Pack, Snow Environment Pack, Ball Sports Pack, Live Music Pack, Skybox and Cubemap Variety Pack, Campfire, Blimps and Airships Pack and the Lamps And Lights Pack.

Humble Game Making Bundle

Very excited to have the Sci-Fi Landscape Construction Kit included as part of the Humble Game Making Bundle which reached over $1.4 million in sales!

Virtual Worlds

Been busy over the last 10 weeks creating assets for a new soon to be announced virtual world platform.

3D Game Assets

Loads of more very cool asset packs are now available on the Unity Asset Store! Ready to download, the Roads Construction Kit, Bachelor Pad Pack, Picture Frames with Paintings, Interior Props Pack, Racecourse Construction Kit and the City Cars Pack.

3D Game Assets

Two new exciting asset packs are now available on the Unity Asset Store; Destructible Props Pack is a set of 16 game props, each with a dramatic destruction animation. Check out the trailer on the video page. Also, the Sci-Fi Landscape Construction Kit, a set of 8 sci-fi building pieces, each of which fit together in any combination and orientation, allowing the quick construction of a futuristic building, spaceship or landscape.

3D Game Assets

Two new asset packs, the Plants, Grass and Trees Pack, a collection of 19 high quality realistic vegetation objects, and the Race Track Construction Kit: Add-on Pack B are now available to purchase on the Unity Asset Store.

Windmill Apartment

The Windmill Apartment, a converted windmill house and garden, situated in a beautiful countryside setting, is now available to download from the Unity Asset Store. It'll also be released as a Playstation Home space on November 12th (published by NDreams). Watch a demo of it on the video page

Samsung VR

Completed work for a very exciting Samsung VR experience... more info soon!

Castle Greywold

Castle Greywold, an environment created for Playstation Home for NDreams, is now available for purchase. Images of this new space can be found on the Gallery page (look under the Real Time/Game section).

Sandbags Wall Construction Kit

The Sandbags Wall Construction Kit is now available on the Unity Asset Store! A set of objects that can quickly construct a sandbag wall of any shape or size.

Skyscraper Lounge

The Skyscraper Lounge, an environment created for Playstation Home for NDreams, is now available for purchase.

We've Won An Award!

We're pleased to announce that Nissan IDX, the project worked on with AKQA last year has won an award; this virtual reality immersive experience has won the IAB Creative Showcase award. Read more about it here.

Johnnie Walker Product Video

Finished working on a video for a forthcoming product from Johnnie Walker. More info soon.

Nissan's Oculus Rift Experience

Worked with an excellent team at AKQA on a very special, innovative project for Nissan that uses the VR headset Oculus Rift for the Tokyo Motor Show. The experience takes you through a series of virtual environments, and your choices throughout the experience constructs your own, unique virtual car. It was very cool building a 3D environment in Unity, and then putting on the 'Rift to immersively explore it. Read more about it here.

Race Track Construction Kit: Add-on Pack

The Race Track Construction Kit: Add-on Pack is now available on the Unity Asset Store! A set of art assets to add additional details such as crowd grandstands, tyre walls and advertising hoardings to you race track.

Race Track Construction Kit

Version 3.1 of our Race Track Construction Kit is relesased today on the Unity Asset Store. This version includes bridges, track gradients, grass terrain, 45 degree corners and straights, track branching, chicanes and many other additional tweaks and fixes!

Microsoft's Lift Studios

Today begins a new contract creating artwork for some exctiting new projects at Microsoft's Lift studios.

Pottermore at Playstation Home


Pottermore for Playstation Home launches today, and a variety of environments were created for it by us, including the "Great Hall" and "Hufflepuff Common Room". Watch a trailer for it here.

Race Track Construction Kit

For those using Unity to create their video games, we've put together the Race Track Constuction Kit. This is a modular set of tileable art assets, allowing the creation of a bespoke race course in minutes. You can download it here, and there's screenshots on the Gallery page.

Wonderbook: Book Of Spells

Castle Ruins
Wizard Village

Created a series of promotional renders from in-game assets for Sony Playstation's Wonderbook: Book Of Spells. Examples can now be found on the Gallery page.

Playstation Home Environment

Created an exciting new Plastation Home environment for Lockwood Studios. More info when it's released.

A New Playstation 3 Title...

Today marks the end a 10 month contract for Sony Playstation, working on an as of yet unannounced game. Hope to share some examples of the artwork that was created for this exciting new title when it goes public in the near future...

Playstaion 3 - Wonderbook


Created some artwork for Sony's newly announced Playstation 3 title Wonderbook, examples of which can now be found on the Gallery page.


Busy creating in-game assets for the superb Iphone & IPad game Smash Cops.

Playstation@Home - Indie Park

Playstation@Home undergoes a major reboot today and Rivermill Studios has built one of the new core environments, the "Indie Park"; this new space is the place to go to check out a huge range of bite-sized games, all within a beautiful, whimsical setting. Check out some screen shots in the Gallery page, or read more about the re-launch here

New Website Built

AO Lens Operation
Finished building a new website - www.jeremydurrant.com - a site for booking quality discos in the London and South East England area.

AO Lens Operation - Medical Render

AO Lens Operation       AO Lens Operation       AO Lens Operation
A new CG medical animation is now live on the Video page. This video demonstrates some of the steps involved in performing an AO lens implant operation.

New Playstation@Home Space

Finished work on an exciting new Playstation@Home space, due for release in October. More details coming soon.

3D Objects For Sale

Sony Vaio P       Sony Bravia       Table & Chairs
As well as building 3D objects to order, we are now beginning to sell some of our back catalogue of, available at www.the3dstudio.com


A new secton - About - is live, with some info on Ben Durrant, the creator of Rivermill Studios.

VRay Tutorials

For those using Maya and are looking for training in the renderer VRay, check out the excellent free tutorials on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/aweidenhammer

50A, Roland Road - Animated Short

Sony Vaio P
A new animated short "50A, Roland Road" is now live on the Video page. This animation was a project in exploring creating mood and feel in a contemporary urban environment.

Sony Vaio P - CG Advert

Sony Vaio P
A new video, a CG advert for the Sony Vaio P, has been added to the Video page.

Gallery Update

More images have been added to the Gallery page.

New Website!

The new Rivermill Stuios website is Live! Lots of more content coming soon, so please keep checking back.